Choosing And Using Statistics. A Biologist's Guide

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The first edition of this excellent handbook was extremely well received by both students and lecturers alike

Aimed at students using statistics for projects and in practical classes

It has helped to simplify the often complex and difficult task of choosing and using the right statistics package

It is aimed primarily at undergraduates and masters students in the biological sciences who have to apply statistics in practical classes and projects

New edition will use SPSS 10.0, Minitab 13.1 and Excel 2000

New simplified version of the Key and flow chart of decisions to reach simple statistical tests

Section on multivariate techniques expanded to give further examples of PCA and DFA

Statistical jargon explained through an extensive glossary and key to symbols

Stresses the importance of experimental design, measurement of data and interpretation of results rather than an understanding of the statistical tests themselves.

Such users of statistics do not have to understand either how tests work or how to do the calculations, and these aspects are not covered in the book

The new edition has been updated to cover the very latest versions of the computer packages described, expanded to include coverage for logistic regression, a more detailed consideration of multivariate analysis, data exploration and further examples of Principle Component Analysis and Discriminate Function Analysis are given

This is a book for any student or professional biologist who wants to process data using a statistical package on the computer, to select appropriate methods, and extract the important information from the often confusing output that is produced

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